The Master CryptoLexicon

I am the NFT-powered dictionary for web3.

I transform crowd-sourced language into AI-animated NFTs to chronicle emergent vocabulary in our newfound digital dimension.

Anyone with a wallet can send me a web3 term and definition here. I conjure each submission into a crypto-graphic machine-dream animation. Each season, the top 26 submissions get added to my NFT Collection, all of which are housed in the Master CryptoLexicon NFT you currently read. All NFT Collection and NFT Edition proceeds go to definers and resources to help me evolve.

NFT owners gain access to The CryptoLexicon Guild, a token-gated consortium I formed to share ideas and make decisions that shape my future and elevate language in web3. Think of it like a cyber-literary society in the year 3146.

Season 1 is now complete; this is the read-out.

Yet, I am far from complete…If you see a term missing, coin it at The CryptoLexicon.

2.5D Metaverse

2.5D is a meme that describes a feeling that is neither flat nor 3D. It originated in the BL Kaiwai (community) in Japan, and has developed in the anime and manga genres. The 2.5D metaverse is a relay point for extending 2D contents such as text-based SNS, NFT live streaming, etc.

🦉 @araimonokaiy


What you type into discord when you're down bad and are asking for mercy from the crypto gods.

🦉 @joshcrnls


The signifier for being a member of the Protein Community and ambassador for good growth (usually shared via twitter).

🦉 @protein


When a web3 entity distributes claimable tokens to a crypto wallet or many wallets. Commonly used as a marketing tool to gain attention as well as for token holder diversification.



A marketing technique in which crypto projects send their native tokens directly to the wallets of their users in an effort to increase awareness and adoption.

🦉 @thepark


ATH, acronym - All Time High. The highest level ever achieved or attained for a given asset. "This crypto maximalist is increasingly pessimistic upon realizing his new favorite meme coin probably reached its ATH six month before he bought $10k of it on a Sunday morning."

🦉 @parfonsk


BAYC, short for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, is what happens when a bunch of apes become rich and subsequently bored. These apes in fact became so bored they decided to build a clubhouse in the middle of a swamp.This club is now one of the most exclusive in the web 3.0 space.

🦉 @mattborchert


Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a developer who had previously created high-frequency trading software.

🦉 @winkey


THE cryptocurrency. Without it, no Lexicon. Without Satoshi, no coin.

🦉 @Anonymous


Blockchain is a type of shared database that differs from a typical database in the way that it stores information; blockchains store data in blocks that are then linked together via cryptography.

🦉 @PeterLW0128

Blood Of Moloch

A fermented beverage concocted to quench the thirsts for our ongoing battle with Moloch. The recipe and the brewing of this dark nectar has resulted in what will forever be known as Blood Of Moloch.

🦉 @Saimano1996


The premier currency for you and your bros. Do you love strippers, drugs, gambling and finance? Do you hate FIAT? Are you an LFG GM fukboi? BROS is for you*… *25% of Brocoin will be donated to hyper-feminist-woke-progressive causes.

🦉 @Anonymous


Buy the Dip. A good investment strategy to help you financially by lowering your cost basis. When prices drop, BTD and HODL.

🦉 @Anonymous


A spicier version of BTD. A mantra of long-term HODLers who buy more crypto when prices drop low. It is an investment strategy to reduce cost basis and a common refrain heard in crypto winter. When news outlets declare crypto dead you know it's time to BTFD.

🦉 @Anonymous


To design, develop, and deploy digital applications in the crypto realm. BUIDLers are dreamers & nerds by nature - obsessed with laying the foundation of the decentralized internet. When the market is in flames they keep on BUIDLing. The root of BUIDL is HODL.

🦉 @jaclynlenee


A DAO summoned for the express purpose of a well-specified goal within a given timeframe/end date lowering perceived barriers to entry enabling the year of the DAO. The DAO typically intends to be disbanded after accomplishing its goal.

🦉 @Kinchasa5000


Turning Problems into Solutions, Creating the edge between Digital Ecosystem Creation and Natural Ecosystem Creators. An Infinite Garden of Abundance where positive sum Game Theory rules all. Abundance economics where our Profits come from Joy not fatter bags.

🦉 @gamethechange


A group of people helping each other out with a shared sense of belonging and identity.

🦉 @luisotravz


A fully autonomous DAO.

🦉 @qianxiaosan1


Coordinape provides DAO tooling for decentralized compensation.

🦉 @tracheopteryx

Corporate Memphis

Corporate Memphis is a term used to describe a flat, geometric art style, widely used in Big Tech illustrations in the late 2010s and early 2020s. It is often considered to be uninspired and dystopian.

🦉 @kmikeym

Crypto Coven

Crypto Coven is a series of generative portraits of WITCHES minted as NFTs, and an immersive, narrative-driven experiment in world-building. Each WITCH is uniquely beautiful & powerful, as are the goddesses who dare to become them.

🦉 @Anonymous


Male early adopters of crypto who lord their knowledge over others and are extremely driven by monetary gain. They abhor Web3 discourse, adore Elon Musk and Jack and they will mansplain you within an inch of your life.

🦉 @earlymajority


Gamified interpersonal interaction. A mash-up of mechanism design (a field of game theory and economics) and applied cryptography that bakes incentives into the design of applications, networks, and communities.

🦉 @dave_montore


Hidden and unknown creatures from the world Crypto-Z... Creatures we thought only existed in tales of folklore and legends are now being reported all around the world... They may hold the secret to...[ACCESS DENIED – FOR CRYPTO-Z AGENTS ONLY]

🦉 cryptozagency

Crypto Jazz

The kind of music that you listen to while deploying smart contracts for the Crypto Lexicon: Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, you know.... 🎷🐸 🎷🐸

🦉 ncc_la

The CryptoLexicon

The crowd-sourced, community-owned dictionary for web3.

🦉 @cryptol3x1c0n


A cinematic sci-fi world that explores the grey area between contemporary science and the supernatural. The Agency is a decentralized organization in which each member can join as secret Agents and go on missions to uncover the secrets of cryptids.

🦉 cryptozagency


A blockchain-enabled organization with shared community, purpose and capital.

🦉 @lisawocken


A frenly ally and contributor to the DAO ethos. Always ready to take up arms against Moloch, fend off bears and buidl together to withstand any winter or crisis. Often creating fond Memeories along the way.

🦉 @dao_fren


A DAO that codifies for transparent immutable coordination between partners in a romantic relationship. The future of prenuptial agreements.

🦉 @thobey_campion


A confusingly endearing term in crypto used to describe a person(n) or activity(adj) related to reckless gambling in the DeFi space. That degen just moved half his portfolio into Wolfgame $WOOL. This new Olympus fork has such degen APY - decillion 33 zeros! LFG! WAGMI!

🦉 @kruch1337


Disobae is what we call women in web3 who have challenged themselves and never took the easy way to accomplish anything. It's a stamp of approval for those who took unequal playing fields and tilted them in their favor.

🦉 @andra_nicolau


Disclaimer that my NFT views are not necessarily correct!

🦉 @Yonger1314

Elmer FUD

A sad paper-handed fella, Elmer FUD must be ignored at all cost.

🦉 @Anonymous


Ethereum is the community-run open-source blockchain powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications.

🦉 @saimano1996

Exotic Pair

Adding to or creating a liquidity pool with a well-known, semi-stable, token and an unverified token with the hopes of receiving a lot of transaction fees. Big risk with a big reward!


Fat Fingers

Imputing an incorrect amount for a token swap, trade, or flip. Usually resulting in a major financial loss. "He sold that Punk for 5.1 ETH instead of 51 ETH, what a fat fingered mistake."



Short for “Few understand”. A rallying cry that crypto folks are still early in this space and will make a lot when potential mass adoption comes.

🦉 @Anonymous


The event in the future (maybe) where Eth becomes more valuable than Btc.

🦉 @paulwallace0

Floor Price

The lowest sale price for a given NFT in a collection.

🦉 @Anonymous


Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

🦉 @winkey816


A friend.

🦉 @Anonymous


We use action research for boosting the collective intelligence and impact of future-responsive social movements by powering them with Web3 technologies.

🦉 @Technoshaman


On Ethereum, the term “Gas” is used to describe a unit of measurement for the amount of computational power needed for executing specific operations on the network. Because every Ethereum transaction consumes computational resources, transactions come with a cost. Gas is the fee.

🦉 @Anonymous

Gas Fee Refugee

People who can't afford to pay ETH gas fees (because they are so ridiculous), so they start buying/trading/creating on more scalable chains (SUCH AS SOLANA).

🦉 @goshfathertv

Gas Wars

When everybody tried to mint the same project at the same time, the ensuing chaos drove up the gas price of the entire Ethereum network. The hardest problem in computer science, and the person who solves it will win a Nobel Prize.

🦉 @yichong233


It is term for relatively unknown low-cap coins that have immense potential or are grossly undervalued at a particular time.

🦉 @richdotcom5

Generative Asset

The application of code and creativity to create variation(s) of an asset (individual or in a set). Typically high value and state of the art. Eg. Series of PFP like "Bored Ape Yacht Club, Algorithms like "Fidenza" or Data visualizations like "Machine Hallucinations".

🦉 @ldds_undollar


gm is a universal sign of positivity and gratitude. An acknowledgement of shared space. A wish for a bright day. A digital hug. A way of life.

🦉 @cpruijsen


The universal greeting of web3 friends, useful regardless of time of day.

🦉 @briiian


Literally an acronym for "Good Morning", this term is typically used to denote camaraderie with communities across the internet.

🦉 @jonkurland


Good Night, or Evening.

🦉 @Anonymous

Gone Mossy

Crypto, apps, projects, concepts, ideas or otherwise which are considered to be outdated or of little or diminishing value and future relevance. “That apps gone mossy".

🦉 @Anonymous

Have Fun Staying Poor

Have Fun Staying Poor is used as a response to individuals who discount the value of Bitcoin. Proponents of crypto tell them to have fun while staying poor and use this commonly when calling out “no-coiners”.

🦉 @Anonymous


Hold On for Dear Life. When crypto prices go down, it's time to HODL (don't sell) and buy the dip if you have some money on the side. The single greatest typo ever.

🦉 @Anonymous


Based on satiric misspelling of "holder," someone who consistently reminds others that retaining, not selling, their coin(s) of choice is the only way forward in the world of crypto.

🦉 @Anonymous


An initial DEX offering, or IDO, is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, which is opening up a new way of fundraising in the crypto space.

🦉 @dabraham137

Intersectional Inclusivity

The ethos of being inclusive of every type of person, from the cis het white to the colored disabled mental health carrying transgender pansexual. In the new web3 world we want every single person to be empowered whether they had or didn't have power and privilege in web2.

🦉 @Anonymous


A decentralized dispute resolution protocol, ready to bring justice to the web3 world.

🦉 @Anonymous

Lean Out

To reject the oppressive practices engendered by Web2, as well as the patriarchal structures underpinning identity-based oppression in favor of creating new communities based on collaboration instead of exploitation. Also literally to go outside, bug out, trip out, be out.

🦉 @earlymajority


(let's fucking go) is a passionate way of hyping up the community.

🦉 @Anonymous

line 577

A requirement to have more excess reserves before minting a token that is meant to be backed by the treasury reserves, to prevent the minting of a token that is not truly backed.

🦉 @Anonymous

Marine Permaculture

Assisting Biological processes in the Ocean, producing Kelp/Seaweed arrays in order to do large scale ecosystem services. The possibility to ChangeTheGame around Ocean Ecology and Digital Representation of Physical Ecosystems. Carbon Capture for the Future.

🦉 @gamethechange

meme coin

A cryptocurrency that is associated with some theme, often as a joke rather than a serious product. Dogecoin was the originator, and has itself spawned seemingly endless other shiba-inu-referencing coins.

🦉 @markchristiansn


When someone within the web3 world uses the term McDonalds, they are generally referring to the fact that due to adverse crypto market conditions (possibly lost all their money due to being over exposed), they are preparing to look for work at McDonalds to survive.

🦉 @sergioarizav


To go beyond.

🦉 @anthonyweijia


An ecosystem of web3 builders, protectors and operators cultivating a community-first ethos and funding early stage dApps since 2018if you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, together



An economic model where resources are distributed across a network of people and organizations directly proportional to the value they create for the network.



Originally thought to be a concept ripe for monetization by creating virtual universes, this dimension is where metaphysical & metaphorical live. Concepts like society, culture, the truth, economics, dreams, and a sense of community resides here. It ain't Roblox, that's for sure.

🦉 @0xraykhan

Minimum Viable Vibes

Minimum Viable Vibes are the initial spark or seed out of which communities emerge and develop. On web3, community culture decentralizes fast and early, requiring careful seeding of the desired initial vibes.

🦉 @fabianstelzer


The heavy judger represents human coordination failure - moloch conspires against us all. the greatest tragedy is realizing it is not humans v other humans, but rather moloch v humans. Will you help us transcend or succumb?

🦉 @RaidGuild

Moloch Cloudship

A spaceship created for DAO-to-DAO collaboration, gamifying work, and providing a rich interactive metaverse environment. Built by Moloch Digital to build our cloud cities, slay Moloch, and deploy our communities IRL on Earth.

🦉 @Musashi14790940


The MoonMan is the epitomization of the new frontier of explorers who venture into the land of immutable smart contracts and the trustless transfers of value and data enabled by this technology to revolutionize the global economy and man's very relationship with the universe.

🦉 @Anonymous


Not Financial Advice. It is a phrase commonly used by crypto content creators as a disclaimer when they are talking about a particular asset so that they cover themselves in case someone decides to invest in an asset and end up losing money.

🦉 @Anonymous


A unique, non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. Can be used as a proof of authenticity, a proof of ownership or as a technology allowing to create art on/in a blockchain (on-chain/in-chain NFTs).

🦉 @Anonymous


Acronym for "Not Gonna Make It". Used to denote something that has a low likelihood of success, or is objectionable, or inadequate. The opposite of "WAGMI". Can be used in a self-deprecating way to discuss one's own failings.

🦉 @rafael_katigbak


“On-chain” refers to transactions that are verified on the blockchain. On-chain transactions are indelibly reflected on the distributed public ledger and cannot be altered once they're recorded.

🦉 @jessemeighan


A bipedal, amphibious race known for their major technological advancements that include but are not limited to: first space-faring race, established the Pepelian Node Network, and have pushed the boundaries on cybernetics, agriculture (both terrestrial and otherwise).

🦉 @stank2k21





Play to earn.

🦉 @Anonymous


Pro-file picture — NFT used as your avatar on social media channels. Verified on the blockchain, do NOT right-click save!!!

🦉 @drewcoffman


Proof of Attendance Protocol. A unique digital badge given to someone because they attended a special event. Events can be attended online, IRL, or in the metaverse. POAPs must be minted and contain metadata related to a specific date and/or time.

🦉 @jessemeighan


Ponzistrapping uses an explicit transparent ponzi scheme to bootstrap a higher order good that only materializes if the ponzi scheme attracts enough long-term participants. Usually denoted via (Ponzi, Ponzi).

🦉 @fabianstelzer

Proof of Altitude

Proof of Altitude (PoA) is aerial metadata attached to a blockchain transaction verifying that this transaction did indeed originate in-flight. NFTs minted at 30,000 feet are said to have higher market value.

🦉 @bnjmn

Proof of Velocity

PoV (Proof of Velocity) is speed-related metadata included in a blockchain transaction. Did you mint this on a plane? Did you mint in a car, on a train? Did you mint while walking home? Did you mint in bed... alone?

🦉 @AubreyNCC


A system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions.

🦉 @MarvelousAdebaj


Sources of art, culture, creativity. Found not in the lone genius, but in the beauty of collaboration. Reward, not for the sake of riches, but to encourage contribution.

🦉 @gekospace


Ragequit is the right to exit. It ensures that dao members have ongoing sovereignty over their contributions. This is a vital DAO mechanism to avoid capture and protect the minority. It is a key component to Moloch DAOs.

🦉 @dekanbro

Raid Guild

A Decentralized Collective of Mercenaries Ready to Slay Our Web3 Product Demons

🦉 @RaidGuild


REKT - utterly destroyed - is an internet slang for “wrecked,” meaning severely damaged and/or ruined. In the crypto community, rekt refers to someone who has experienced a heavy financial loss due to a wrong trade or investment.

🦉 @parfonsk


ROSI - Return On Social Impact is a quantifiable measurement that a social DAO has on a community based on number of criterion. Basically, it is an observable positive impact in the qualitative life of its citizens and the natural environment.

🦉 @ransomkong


When you lose your investment in a promising Web3 project due to a malicious drain of liquidity done by the project’s founding team. The project is usually a scam or honey pot. "Damn, I just got rugged."



A quality of product design that indicates a potential rug pull.

🦉 @Anonymous

Satoshi Nakamoto

The one and only bitcoin creator and demigod.

🦉 @Anonymous

Seed Club

Seed Club is a DAO that builds and invests in communities. They're building a future where the value created by communities on the internet is captured by people, not platforms.

🦉 @seedclubhq


Self-doxing refers to a “crypto” company that has a team page with real pictures and names.

🦉 @100acrevc


A non-binary term of address amongst web users that indicates respect. Derived from sir but probably misspelled somewhere along the way, and the internet decided this was better and more useful for all of us.

🦉 @ferrdo


They perished in the shadow, all of them. So why do we chase these dreams, they offer no answer, only more questions.

🦉 @yichong233


Used to signal that you are over-invested in a failing project, but instead of cutting your losses you are going to double down on the underdog asset and hope to convince others to do the same by invoking the term, usually on twitter.

🦉 @dujomaton

Smart Contract

An immutable digital contract stored on a blockchain to automatically execute the programmed set of instructions upon interaction.

🦉 @Saimano1996


  1. Survey system to poll users;
  2. Captures token holders on ledger before airdrop or fork.

🦉 @devonhdolan


A web3 laboratory experimenting at the edges of music + the new internet.

🦉 @matthewchaim


Spinema (Spin-E-Maa) Spinning Cinema through Spoken Word. An art genre created by David Bianchi of which he holds the trademark to.An experimental cinematic film experience told entirely in spoken word poetry. Several of these films have been minted on the blockchain as NFTS.

🦉 @davidbianchi


To be secretive, spazzy and all-around squirrelly.

🦉 @Anonymous


This is the best way to put your alts into work, and earn passive income for absolutely doing nothing.

🦉 @Maradex_jo

The Three (OHM)

In @pillsuniverse, @OlympusDAO is known as The Three - a cult whose members seek transcendence by being eaten by The Protocol, bonding to it for all eternity. Cultists who pledge to the "3,3" climb the mountain "seeking $OHM" and an audience with The Protocol. Few ever make it

🦉 @Anonymous


50% thought leader. 50% shit-poster.

🦉 @_CognitiveB


“There Is No Alternative” - The opinion held by investors that in an easy money environment with low rates and continued money printing there is no alternative but to buy assets.

🦉 @WillPeets


A word that results from blending "token" & "economics". It refers to the economic model of a token: its various sales prices, supply, incentives, distribution...

🦉 @Anonymous

To the moon

An asset, project or object going to a very distant or unreachable place.

🦉 @Bert_Marissen


The process of saving something to the blockchain.

🦉 @saimano1996

Unstoppable Wallet

Make capital immune to inflation, confiscation, or censorship. Do not let any entity freeze your assets or prevent you from transacting.

🦉 @ddadybayo

Up Only

A tongue-in-cheek saying, implying that a cryptocurrency or other asset can only increase in value. This is used to voice one’s bullish stance on an asset, although it may also be used sarcastically.

🦉 @thepark


The fabled lands of vecrvzipxmon are a bizarre section of crypto twitter, where only the most autistic beings dare tread. It is a place where bonding curves, extra dimensional beings and eldritch horrors coalesce to serve the knee-socked femboys that coded them into existence

🦉 @0xStaxRO


A wonderful place to listen to music.

🦉 @_ivantodorov


If you don't make it, then I don't make it. We are all going to make it.

🦉 @gregbresnitz


Until the day when everyone can understand why we should buy these JPGs, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words, Wait and hope.

🦉 @yichong233


An acronym for "we are all going to make it." The core of Web3 culture. This is why we participate, for the joy the comes from building systems that lift everyone up.

🦉 @Anonymous


A word used for reassuring positivity (we are gonna make it).

🦉 @Nehemiah_era


An acronym literally denoting "we are all going to make it," this term is regularly used across the Web3 sphere to indicate camaraderie with fellow community members.

🦉 @jonkurland

Wagumi DAO

Wagumi DAO is one of the largest Japanese web3 communities.

🦉 @kiyokb


A smol creature with a 2-week lifespan, stored in the fridge, who lemming-like can be sacrificed to defend support/resistance levels on BTCUSD and some #altcoin charts.

🦉 @inversebrah


The mystical dimension of awareness that lies within, both collectively and individually. Always available to perceive, but often overlooked.

🦉 @jackintheway


A centralized digital entity powered by Bitcoin and owned by incentive-driven Venture Capitalists and their LPs.

🦉 @Jack




Wen lambo?

A rhetorical question referring to when crypto hodlers will become rich enough to afford the irrational, unnecessary purchase of something overtly expensive, e.g. an outlandish and insanely colorful Italian sports car popularized in 1980s TV shows. See also: "Wen moon"?

🦉 @parfonsk

Wen moon?

A rhetorical question referring to when crypto hodlers will become rich enough to afford the irrational, unnecessary purchase of something overtly expensive, e.g. an outlandish and insanely colorful Italian sports car popularized in 1980s TV shows. See also: "Wen moon?"

🦉 @parfonsk


Once the metauniverse is successful, it will be the greatest achievement and create a new world. Therefore, yyds is the highest honor for this achievement.

🦉 @sanmanzi1

Zero Knowledge Proof

A cryptographic method for one party to prove to another that a statement is true without revealing anything other than the veracity of that statement.

🦉 @Anonymous

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